Explorations in Jump Creek

Outside of Marsing, Idaho is a little oasis tucked away in the Owyhee Mountains, it is called Jump Creek. The waterfall cascades over the ancient lava rock into a small pool. From there the water forms a stream as it continues out of the mountains. Easy to get to, it is the perfect little adventure for some fun photography. I was hoping it would be frozen over a bit more when I went, but it has not been cold enough yet this Winter. Hopefully it will get more ice as the Winter goes on and I can return and shoot it again. The hike is very short, by very short I mean approximately 1/4 mile. To get there head West out of Marsing, when you see the graveyard take a left, go to the end of the road, take another left, it will end at a dirt road. Follow the signs for Jump Creek. There is a lot of private property back there so be aware of the no trespassing signs and stick to the road. 

Jump Creek Falls
Jump Creek Pool