California for the weekend

My sister and I are both morning people. We cannot sleep in to save our life. This can be a major plus when we are short on time, but want to do all the things. A few weekends ago I went to visit her in California. We had one day to spend on the coast so we drove out to San Luis Obispo and spent the night. The next morning we woke up at 4:30 and made ourselves stay in bed until 6; its a serious problem. We got up found some delicious coffee and drove the ten minutes to Avila Beach. It is a very very sleepy little town with a very beautiful beach. We walked on the beach and drank our coffee here. There are some sea caves at the farthest end of the beach. If you get here early enough you can explore them before the tide comes back in. The thing I love most about being on the beach very early is the tranquility. The boats coming in from fishing, the birds eating breakfast, the sea lions bobbing up and down in the surf, and the few other morning people walking their dogs.Unfortunately since it is a small town nothing opens for breakfast until way later than we were willing to wait and since our coffee was gone by the time we walked to the end of the beach and back we decided to drive up to Morro Bay for breakfast. From Avila Beach to Morro Bay it is about a 20 minute drive. After breakfast we went to the beach and attempted to relax; not a strong trait in either one of us. Morro beach is filled with surfers. I don’t know anything about surfing, but I am assuming it is a great place to catch a wave by the abundance of people in the ocean. We forced ourselves to sit on the beach here for more than an hour. Unfortunately the sun was not going to come out so all hopes of sun bathing were dashed. Once our tummies started grumbling for lunch we drove up to Cayucos for clam chowder bread bowls from Duckies restaurant. The beach at Cayucos might be one of my favorite ones. I’m not sure how to describe what makes up a favorite beach other than when you walk onto it and say to yourself “I could sit here all day”. That is how you know you found your favorite beach. After lunch the sun finally came out and we were able to lay out and nap on the beach. After a few hours we were ready to start moving again and we got up and drove to Paso Robles to go wine tasting. I will stop the story about beach hopping here. So just remember if you want to do all the relaxing things in one day its best to get up super early and get going. See below for pictures of the day.

Birds of Avila Beach

Sea Caves at Avila Beach